hannes farb foto
Bassplayer, Composer, Soundartist

Important starting point for his music, is the soundbased potential on the electric bass. By combining
advanced playing technics with live electronics, the purley intrumental-specific repertoire of expression
is expanded. In the last years an important focus on the instrument and the compositional activity, are
musical forms in connection with our urban soundenvironment.

Works in various audio and audiovisual fields, like electronica, sound art installation and music for
video works and performances.

2008 Hannes Strobl formed the band Denseland together with David Moss and Hanno Leichtmann
Klangspuren Festival 2016 (AT), Mikromusik 2016 Berlin (DE), Ruhrtriennale 2012 (DE), SONAR Festival 2010 Barcelona (SP)

With Sam Auinger he is the founder of the project TAMTAM, ARS Electronica Festival 2016 (AT),
Kunstfestspiele Hannover 2016 (DE), EXPO Mailand 2015 (IT), Sonambiente Berlin 2006 (DE)

In 2011 Hannes Strobl formed the project P.O.P. (Psycholgy of Perception)
with Reinhold Friedl (Zeitkratzer) GAS Festival Göteborg 2014 (SWE), Klangspuren Festival 2015 (AT)

Since 2004 collaboration with Chris Kondek /Double Lucky Productions
You are out there 2017 (DE), Anonymous P. 2014 (CH), Dead Cat Bounce 2004 (NL), Goethe-Institut-Award
and ZDF-Theaterkanal, Money it came from outa space 2011 (DE) Goethe-Institut-Award at 8. Festival Politik im Freien Theate.


Lillian Allen
Sam Auinger
Joe Baiza
Michael Emanuel Bauer
Stefan Betke
Markus Binder
Tony Buck
Mike Daliot
Christof Dienz
Lucas Drexel
Reinholf Friedl
Rupert Huber
Nora Krahl
Jason Kahn
Chris Kondek
Hanno Leichtmann
Lukas Ligeti
Stefan Mathieu
Werner Möbius
Victor Morales
Michael Moser
David Moss
Toshimaru Nakamura
Dietmar Offenhuber
Bruce Odland
Hans Platzgumer
Ulrich Rasche
Eva Reiter
Reynold Reynolds
Chris Salter

and many more…