denseland – disco dictionary  dot_red  tape 2017

p.o.p. (psychology of perception) – ikebana   dot_lilac  cd 2016

david moss / hannes strobl  projects solo  cd

p.o.p. (psychology of perception) – täbriz  dot_lilac  cd

denseland – likes like like  dot_red  cd

denseland – chunk  dot_red  cd

hear 5 pieces    digital release

nachtzug berlin  projects solo  digital release

metaphysical function  projects solo  sound design

bassman doorpusher  projects solo  ep

bassman-minimal distraction  projects solo  cd/lp

paloma – sometimes we love you truly    cd/lp

compilation 2  projects tamtam  cd

miles  projects tamtam  ep

paloma – directions in music    cd/lp

dawn    cd

paloma – projections    lp

paloma – luxury car    single

memetic flesh  projects solo cd