money it came from out of space


Most people consider money a means of exchange. This naive misconception has lead to the current crisis. Money is not a neutral tool, it is a gigantic, living organism, on its way to the next stage of evolution. Its only goals: to increase, spread, accumulate. No sphere is safe. Panic breaks out, mass hysteria. Can politics stop it? Can the economy keep it in check? What is money’s true nature?
Using old Science-Fiction thrillers, Money – It Came From Outer Space delivers the cruel proof: money is an alien. Its origin is unknown, its movements uncontrollable, its will to expand unconquerable. And man is nothing but a host anymore.

Konzept/Regie/Video Chris Kondek Konzept/Dramaturgie/Text Christiane Kühl Video/Videotechnik Marc Stephan Bühnenbild/Kostüme Sonja Füsti Musik Hannes Strobl Bühnenbild-/Kostümassistenz Verena Meyer Kostümassistenz Sasha Thomsen Bühnenbau und Special Effects Billy Burns Mit Chris Kondek, Christiane Kühl, Marc Stephan, Hannes Strobl, Jutta Vanaga Produktion kondek/kühl gbr

13.11. – 16.11.2010
hau drei – 20:00