sonic works

transformation sonor digital release 2024

antigone theater 2024

mütter! theater 2024

anatomophosen/doorpusher spatial sound composition 2023

dream on spatial sound composition 2023

kleiner mann was nun theater 2023

posthuman journey theater 2022

auflösung performance installation 2022

the wall 360° vr project 2022

der reichsbürger 360° vr project 2021

music for lockdown performance 2020

bartholomäusnacht theater 2020

hamlet  theater

stimme der stadt  performance

play the city  workshop

der reichsbürger theater

true you (we know how you feel)  performance

the hairs of your head are numbered  performance

golden house  theater

besuch der alten dame  theater

mein prähistorisches hirn  radio piece

you are out there  performance

breathing city  video sound installation

private city  radio show

anonymous p.  performance

not all germans believe in god but they believe in the bundesbank  installation

tokyo tanka  radio show

please kill 2011  performance

money it came from out of space  theatermusik

winterreise – songs and places  performance

die entführung aus dem serail  theatermusik

secret machine  installation

nachtzug berlin  digital release

secret life  installation

perfect speed  video sound installation

atem berlin  video and music

mein tanz  dance

hier ist der apparat  multi-media-performance

eine amerikanische nacht  dance,theater

metaphysical function  sound design

dead cat bounce  multi-media-performance

bassman doorpusher  ep

bassman-minimal distraction  cd/lp