doublelucky productions (Berlin) / Artists in Residence

Performance & Installation  – Premiere on 24.05.2022; Schaupiel Leipzig

One of the central experiences of the last two years was the experience of dissolution. In dissolution were social structures, global infrastructures, existential securities – and above all our idea of the total controllability of nature. Instead of a dystopian drama, doublelucky productions presents a concept of dissolution that counters the supposed hopelessness of the Anthropocene with a different view of things. It is about the dissolution of our technocratic worldview, about reciprocal relationships with everything that surrounds us: human or non-human, material or virtual. An ecosystem that grows into the horizontal. Resonance instead of dominance.
„Auflösung“ (dissolution) is a walk-through performance that lets visitors discover the Residence as a hybrid resonant space and complex organism. Walls and temperature, dust and sound, microbes, data and people are equally material and actors. Everything communicates, but not every effect has a cause. Unexpected things happen. Algorithms take root. Arranged around a large hole in the ground from which the first mushrooms and sensors sprout, mutating iron columns and monitors whose images digest the space are found. All those who are present are part of a metabolism, on a micro and macro level. Those who want to perceive it must change their position
Concept: doublelucky productions
Video and Imageprocessing: Chris Kondek
Text: Christiane Kühl
Music and Composition: Hannes Strobl
Stage and costum design: Heike Schuppelius & Lena Loy
System Architecture, Creative Technologist: Markus Schubert
Electronics Engineering: Grzegorz Zajac
Lighting design: Marc Zeuske
Assistant director: Valeria Castaño Moreno
Dramaturgical advice: Maria Rössler & Arved Schultze
Production manager: Katja Kettner