sounding berlin  projects tamtam  sound installation 2021

A Scroll Through the Garden of Tangled Data projects solo  webproject 2021

der reichsbürger vr production projects solo  VR 2021

elven songs  projects tamtam  sound installation 2020

bartholomäusnacht projects solo  theater 2020

hamlet projects solo  theater 2019

stimme der stadt  projects solo  performance 2019

play the city projects solo  workshop 2019

der reichsbürger projects solo  theater 2019

true you (we know how you feel) projects solo  theater 2019

raumfarben 07  projects tamtam  sound installation 2018

rheingold  projects tamtam  release 2018

A100 the sound of the berlin autobahn projects tamtam performance 2018

rauschfarben A100 projects tamtam installation

A 100 18.02.2018 projects tamtam video

the hairs of your head are numbered  projects solo  theater 2018

golden house  projects solo  theater 2018

denseland – disco dictionary  dot_red  tape 2017

besuch der alten dame  projects solo  theater 2017

mein prähistorisches hirn  projects solo  radio 2017

you are out there  projects solo theater

gleishalle – a concert cycle  projects tamtam performance 2016

3 farben  projects tamtam  sound installation 2016

p.o.p. (psychology of perception) – ikebana   dot_lilac  cd 2016

raumfarbe-Humbolt-Forum  projects tamtam  sound installation 2015

raumfarbe breath.austria  projects tamtam  sound installation 2015

breathing city  projects solo  video sound installation 2015

alien agency intervention  projects tamtam  performance 2015

private city  projects solo  radio 2014

raumfarben 06  projects tamtam  sound installation 2014

anonymous p.  projects solo  theater 2014

david moss / hannes strobl – at the beach    cd 2014

urban dialog  projects tamtam  performance 2013

everything no  projects tamtam  radio 2013

p.o.p. (psychology of perception) – täbriz   dot_lilac  cd 2013

denseland – likes like like  dot_red  cd 2013

not all germans believe in god but they believe in the bundesbank  projects solo  installation 2013

urban space – urban sound   projects tamtam  performance 2013

raumfarben 05  projects tamtam  sound installation 2012

tokyo tanka  projects solo  radio 2012

please kill 2011  projects solo  theater 2012

raumfarben 03 dialog  projects tamtam  performance 2011

technologies  projects tamtam  performance 2011

hearing perspective  projects tamtam 2011

raumfarben 04  projects tamtam  soundinstallation 2011

raumfarben 03  projects tamtam  soundinstallation 2011

sound sources by technology  projects tamtam  performance 2011

hearing perspective  projects tamtam 2011

money it came from out of space  projects solo  theater 2010

winterreise – songs and places  projects solo  performance 2010

mein prähistorisches hirn   projects solo theater 2009

denseland – chunk  dot_red  cd 2009

everything NO  projects tamtam  radio show

die entführung aus dem serail    theater

cumulus  projects tamtam  theatermusic

stadtmusik nr.7 boston buzz  dot_orange  video and music

sound and architecture film screening-stadtmusik  dot_orange  video and music

locked out  projects tamtam  radio

shanghai tamtam  projects tamtam  performance

raumfarben 02  projects tamtam  sound installation

hear 5 pieces    digital release

denseland live   dot_red performance

secret machine  projects solo  installation

marl 2030  projects tamtam  sound installation

raumfarben 01  projects tamtam  installation

nachtzug berlin  projects solo  digital release

loan shark   projects solo  theater

secret life  projects solo  installation

hometown  projects tamtam  performance

bewegte luft  projects tamtam  sound installation

perfect speed  projects solo  video sound installation

zurückbleiben bitte  dot_orange  video and music

mauerpark  dot_orange  video sound installation

innsbruck 6020 der weg  projects tamtam  radio show

atem berlin  projects solo  video and music

mein tanz  projects solo  dance

farben berlin live – stadtmusik performance  projects tamtam  performance

farben berlin  projects tamtam  sound installation

hier ist der apparat  projects solo  theater

livingtypes.compiler  projects tamtam  multi-media-performance

kapitel 3  dot_orange  video and music

felsen m18  dot_orange  video and music

eine amerikanische nacht  projects solo  dance/theater

berlin 10439  projects tamtam  radio show

metaphysical function  projects solo  sound design

dead cat bounce  projects solo  theater

farben innsbruck  projects tamtam  sound installation

autum in papercity  projects tamtam  video sound installation

oedipus  projects tamtam  theater

dekalog  projects tamtam  theatermusic,cd

synapsis  projects tamtam  dance

bassman doorpusher  projects solo  ep

bassman-minimal distraction  projects solo  cd/lp

earthskin  projects tamtam  video and music

paloma – sometimes we love you truly    cd/lp

compilation 2  projects tamtam  cd

miles  projects tamtam  ep

goldmund  projects tamtam  performance

gugl meeting  projects tamtam  performance

the planet earth gallery radio show  projects tamtam  radio show

besenbahn  dot_orange  video and music

paloma – directions in music    cd/lp

ikarus  projects tamtam  video and music

paloma – jazzit festival    performance

der überfall  projects tamtam  soundtrack

nein nichts   projects solo dance

dawn    cd

paloma – artist in residents

paloma – projections    lp

reisen in deutschland    radio show

paloma ars    performance

paloma – luxury car    single

paloma – found

memetic flesh   projects solo cd