die wand 360°

Winner of the German Award Faust 2023!
based on the novel by Marlen Haushofer
Premiere 02.09.2022 Schauspiel Essen

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Director and stage Thomas Krupa
VR Artist Tobias Bieseke
Costumes Moni Gora
Music composed and produced by Hannes Strobl
Spatial Audio Postproduction Thomas Koch
Production and set management Friederike Külpmann
Dramaturgy Carola Hannusch, Vera Ring
VR application Jan Schulten
Technical coordination VR equipment Markus Hesse

Woman Floriane Kleinpaß
Luchs Alexey Ekimov
Luise Sabine Osthoff
Hugo Stefan Migge
The man Stefan Diekmann
City dwellers Statisterie

„So as a viewer, you sit in the middle of it, in or in front of the house, and can follow the story in 360 degrees. The voice of the woman (Floriane Kleinpaß) sounds worried throughout, she whispers, but never panics. The effect is oppressive: one feels locked in this place and in the psyche of the woman, is almost uncomfortably close to her. But you also experience the change of seasons, the rain, the snow, and if you lift your head, you can see the starry sky. Should anyone still ask now what VR theater is needed for: exactly for that.“
Süddeutsche Zeitung
September 2, 2022 Christiane Lutz