dream on

spatial sound composition for the performance „dream on“ in the factory building Knopffabrik/Wuppertal
openin 29.04.2023


director: Anna-Elisabeth Frick
stage: Christian Blechschmidt
spatial sound composition: Hannes Strobl

performer: Anna Bartok, David Friedrich, Hanna Tischler, Ida Schiele, Jomas Müller, Kanade Hamawaki, Roland Sonnabend, Maik Ollhof, Martin Stützer, Makaya Bundo

The spatial sound composition for the performance „dream on“ is made for three spaces in the factory Knopffabrik in Wuppertal. It opens an auditory perspective on space, by considering it as an active musical instrument. Visitors are invited to explore the space.

Spatial sound compositions interact with architecture leverage the inherent characteristics of a space, such as its dimensions, materials, and acoustics. The design of these works takes into consideration how sound waves interact with the space, creating resonances and reflections.  The sound is shaped by the physical space. This opens up a range of possibilities and uses the interplay of built space and sound as an essential part of the composition.