eleven songs

  1. For Morton (20:38)
  2. Tempelhof (21:07)

At the beginning of 2019, Cartsten Seiffarth at the Singuhr Projekte invited TAMTAM to develop a sound installation for the great hall at Berghain. This resulted in the work Eleven Songs – Halle am Berghain, which understood the installation space as an instrument. One consequence of this is that the individual pieces are not transferable to another medium. Nevertheless, TAMTAM prepared two of these eleven songs for a digital release in a two-channel format.

For Morton is a spectral drone made of precisely composed electric contrabass legato strokes. The piece sits like a static color in space, a pure atmosphere, while Tempelhofworks with the material that led to the version set in the installation space. For this release, TAMTAM mixed a new version of Tempelhof that preserves the installation’s tone but is compatible with a two-channel mix while creating links to TAMTAM’s previous release in Crónica, A100 (156~2020).


  • Composed and produced by TAMTAM.
  • Sam Auinger: sampler, field recordings;
  • Hannes Strobl: electric contrabass, field recordings.
  • Mastered at Crónica.