p.o.p. alien stewardess

Cello: Nora Krahl
Electric bass: Hannes Strobl
French horn: Elena Kakaliagou
Piano: Reinhold Friedl

recorded, mixed, and mastered by Hannes Strobl in 2023.
℗ & © 2024 zappak

p.o.p. (psychology of perception) is the acronym of the Berliner group by Reinhold Friedl (piano), Elena Kakaliagou (French horn), Nora Krahl (cello), and Hannes Strobl (electric bass) stands for.
“Alien Stewardess”, their third album, remains true to the subject, focusing on perceptual psychology and kinetic memory. “Alien Stewardess” is building on and deepening the research topics of the earlier releases: repetition and difference, like tapestry and woven carpet: patterns of similarity, rhythmic twists and varied timbres („Täbriz“, Monotype Records / 2013), and the exploration of sound architecture and the Japanese art of flower arrangement, selectively gathered materials in ever-changing combinations on „Ikebana“ (FMR / 2016).
“Alien Stewardess” concentrates on the question: What do the musicians‘ bodies know? Four individual musicians, each with his/her own sound and body memory, create a network of interferences and thus a multiplication of the sonic-kinetic perspectives: sensual, three-dimensional, organic. Let yourself be guided by the alien stewardess in and out of time and space! Enjoy the journey…