stromschauen live

The inspiration and the recordings for the piece Stromschauen (view/look current/power) were formed during walks in Berlin/Pankow in the last days of December 2020. In a situation of urban sound environment slowed down by the Covid rules and the holidays in general, various power boxes and their whirring and humming became more noticeable. The AC frequency is 50 HZ in the European electricity system, which is between a musical low G and a G sharp. This tone determines the resonant frequency when operating electrical devices like e.g. the lighting in streets or our refrigerators, that resonate in this frequency.

The starting point of Stromschauen is the manifold quotidian and mostly overheard resonances of our electricity infrastructure in interaction with their environment. Its compositional material is the sound textures found in these processes. Microtonal moods, sound aggregates at the interface of timbre to harmonics, overtone patterns, spectral layering, and rhythmic beat patterns become the musical material. The piece also acknowledges the influence of essential genres such as industrial and noise music on TAMTAM’s compositional work.

The studio version of Stromschauen was released by Crónica in 2022, coinciding with this performance.


    • Sam Auinger: sampler, field recordings.
    • Hannes Strobl: electric bass, live fx.
    • Robyn Schulkowsky: percussion.
    • Recorded live at Cashmere Radio Berlin 11/03/2022.
    • Recording engineer: Lukas Grundmann.
    • Composed and mixed by TAMTAM.
    • Mastered at Crónica