All life breathes. A lung is not necessary for this. Plants breathe even though they have no lungs. Data breathes even though it has no lungs. Breathing means allowing matter to circulate, absorbing  the world inside and releasing it back outside in a changed state: mixing with the world.

“Breathe” is a video installation that constantly takes in new images of its surroundings and returns  these images to the environment in a modified form. The video breathes. Viewers, data and surroundings mix.  A new atmosphere is created.

CREDITS Chris Kondek Image Processing Christiane Kühl Text/voice Hannes Strobl Music Created for the #kunstausbruch campaign of the Stiftung Kunst und Natur foundation, the installation  was shown in the shop window of CLB Berlin on Moritzplatz in April 2021. The accompanying soundtrack
could be downloaded to a smartphone via a QR code.