marl 2030

MARL 2030
Concept for a Soundinstallation by TAMTAM

Nomination for the deutschen Klangkunstpreis 2008


At the town hall tower, at all four corners of the top floor. (see sketch), four philipshorns attached to the outside wall.
During the two months of the exhibition, a sound material produced by us in the summer of 2008 will be played
via this loudspeaker system with a duration of approx. 3 – 8 min, three times a day at the following times:

1: between sunrise and sun peak – morning
2: sun peak – noon
3: between sun high and sunset – afternoon
to the sound material:

In cooperation with the Sehitlik Mosque in Berlin | Neuköln
The beauty of the intervention lies in the musicality of the material – the irritation lies in the connotation of the sound.