der reichsbürger vr production  projects solo  vr production

A100 18.02.2018  projects tamtam  video

breathing city  projects solo  video sound installation

not all germans believe in god but they believe in the bundesbank  projects solo  installation

stadtmusik nr.7 boston buzz  dot_orange  video and music

secret machine  projects solo  installation

secret life  projects solo  installation

zurückbleiben bitte  dot_orange  video and music

mauerpark  dot_orange  video sound installation

atem berlin  projects solo  video and music

kapitel 3  dot_orange  video and music

felsen m18  dot_orange  video and music

earthskin  projects tamtam  video and music

besenbahn  dot_orange  video and music

ikarus  projects tamtam  video and music

der überfall  projects tamtam  soundtrack