Soundinstalltion by TAMTAM

in the future big hall of the Humboldt-University in the Humboldt-Forum (former city castle) /
Berlin (DE) as part of the topping-out ceremony / 12. 06. 2015 – 14. 06. 2015

An architectural space is the first amplifier: sounds and noises are by no means incorporeal structures –
they are vibrations and disturbances of an equilibrium that run through walls and floors, objects and
people, particles and molecules of the air. We wade through resonances and reflections.
We ourselves are actors, divers and bells in it.

Auinger and Strobl redesign a room of the Humboldt Forum – as an invitation to explore the currents that
flow through it: Gusts of wind over the pleasure garden, building activity in this contested centre,
ambitions of political classes, traffic flows and curiosity. (Holger Schulze, curator)

Technique: Thomas Koch