A100 The Sound of the Berlin Autobahn

A 100 [digital release]
The sound of the Berlin city highway

release by Cronica https://www.cronicaelectronica.org/156/

  1. Flow (07:58)
  2. Standby (04:50)
  3. Spectral (10:30)
  4. Pulse (05:28)

Sam Auinger: Electronics
Hannes Strobl: Electric Bass Guitar, Electric Uprightbass
David Moss: Voice on “Standby”

composed and performed by tamtam©2020

After many hours hearing the A100

It makes the city pulse
Coloured in greys
An object with:
characteristics + dynamics
seasons + routines
rushes + accidents

It divides, builds boundaries, occupies territory.
It is two-faced and multi-directional.
It dreams, arranges, progresses.
It enables and connects.
It is massive. It is experience.
It screams. It erases.
Composed of unwalkable expanses.
Hear it roar and roar and roar…

excerpt Flow

excerpt Standby

excerpt Spektral

excerpt Puls