play the city

Workshop 25  – 27.10 2019 Amman, Jordan













Our urban sound environment is composed from numerous different sound sources from everyday life, dominated by its keynote sound; the ubiquitos sound of traffic and the combustian engine.
As the sounds propagate on their paths from the sources to the reciever, they are  shaped, colored and
modified by the architectual space.

Most of the time we dont pay any attention to our everyday sonic environment, allthough it effects us unconciously in many different ways. We all share the well trained behavoir not to listen.

Lets open our ears !
What type of sounds can be found in our urban orchestra?
What kind of musical signatures can we discover in the urban sonic domain ?
What rhythms, patterns, sound colors, textures or harmonic structures can be found ?

The workshop „Play the City“ will explore the musical potential of our urbansound environment.