rauschfarben A100

Soundinstallation by tamtam
June 01 to July 01 2018
CLB Berlin, Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz · 10969 Berlin

tamtam hears the A100 musically. Sound environment becomes instrument and instrument sound environment. The multichannel installation NoiseColours A100 arises from this hearing perspective, engaging with sonic dimension of the city highway. Its foundations are audio recordings made along the A100, capturing its tonal, dynamic, and rhythmic structures.

These join the traffic-laden ambient noise encroaching in the CLB from Oranienstrasse and Moritzplatz. Microtonal sound layers were recorded directly on site at CLB using electric bass, in order to “tune” the pre-produced material to the exhibition space. In this way, NoiseColours A100 creates an atmospheric soundscape that emotionallycharges the exhibition’s historical, urban planning, and city agitating dimensions. It plays with visitors’ spatial and temporal sense as the room accelerates and slows, brightens and darkens.