nachtzug berlin

Hannes Strobl: Electric Bass, Electric Upright Bass, Live FX, Electronic
written and produced by Hannes Strobl
digital release, fabrique rec.

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excerpt nachtzug berlin


inspired by the work with the software „metaphysical functions“ (design mike daliot) hannes strobl
created electronical ambiences and slowly moving musical landscapes, which serve as a base for his
complex musical language on the bass.

the soundstructures one can generate with „metaphysical functions“, result from from basic spectrums – sinuswave,
pulswave,white noise ect. the complexity in the music do not emerge by working on the soundcolor itself, but lies in the
temporal progress, how the musical events meet each other.liberated from a global tempo, all musical parameters circulate
indepentently in their own time duration.

we can find 10 electric „capriccios“ on this album – and capriccio here means a mood, a phantasy, a play with our
imagination – the pieces appear like fleeting illusions.