reisen in deutschland

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reisen in deutschland

radiopiece by hannes strobl und rupert huber


„Reisen in Deutschland – the travels of the Rote Armee Fraktion in Germany during the early 70s“. A live composition for radio and the Internet by Rupert Huber and Hannes Strobl.

Sounds and noises are the actors of this „film for the ears“, which will be created live in the Studio 2 at the Radio KulturHaus in Vienna.

Historical events, facts and developments relating to the socalled „first generation“ of the RAF determine the basic compositional structure – the score of the live (radio) piece. Thiis score can be viewed on the WWW:

„The relationships between the individual members of RAF as well as their relationship to the world around them are represented by a polyphonous musical   diagram..Basic tonal and rhythmical dates between which the composition has to unfold, are allocated to the geographical places at which the RAFmembers stayed and to the frequency of their changes of place.“ (R.Huber)

The Real Audio File of the radioprogram/performance will be accessible in full length until May 14th.