by stadtmusik

2001, 10 min
music: tamtam (Sam Auinger, Hannes Strobl)
video: Dietmar Offenhuber
published and distributed by kunstverein medienturm , AT

center for digital arts and experimental media at the university of washington, seattle, US
tesla im podewils’schen palais, berlin, DE
austria at arco ’06, madrid, ES
medienturm, museumsquartier wien/quartier 21, AT

“the freewaysystem in its totality is now a single comprehensible place, a coherent state of mind, a complete way of life” – Reyner Banham

“It´s subject is not ”natural” perception, but perception put in motion by modern means of transportation, and therefore implicitly the history of an epochal transformation of the way in which time and space is experienced.

It has come to a preliminary end in suitable contexts – for example cities such as Los Angeles, which has been shaped by the history of motorization – where moving perception now seems to be regarded as integral to natural perception.
The thesis presented by besenbahn in this regard would therefore be that the specifically aesthetic quality of such animated perception is absent from the forms of audiovisual representation which are already considered natural (such as indicating movement by means of a tracking shot): In its fragmentation of the continuum of perception, the “subjective geometry which defines space through intervals of time” (Dietmar Offenhuber) illustrates a manner of experience which could remain submerged because it is already so familiar” – Vrääth Öhner