der überfall



der überfall – holp up


movie directed by florian flicker, A

andreas (roland düringer) is unemployed, divorced and at the end of his rope. his alimony is in arrears and he doesn’t even have enough cash to buy his son a birthday present. his dispair leads him to a supermarket, which he plans to rob. panic overcomes him before he can even draw the gun, and he flees into a nearby tailor shop. once there, he threatens the tailor (joachim bißmeier) and his customer (josef hader), ransacks the shop for cash and then realizes that he’s boxed in…. in the meantime the supermarket really has been held-up, police have surrounded the house. trapped together in a tight space and under extreme stress, these three men struggle through a labyrinth of human behaviour, constantly wavering between the need of communication and taciturnity, brutality and sympathy, plain aggression and hidden meanness they develop an ambivalent friendship of exceptional intensity….